The Advocates

Matthew Armstead (they/them) weaves Art, Spirituality, and Change together in trainings they facilitate, performances they co–create, and coaching sessions where they listen beyond the words shared. They have recently trained Black Lives Matter activists, B Lab executives, Amnesty International USA staff, among other grassroots and grasstop groups. Matthew has organized for environmental justice, racial justice, LGBTQ liberation, and accountability among masculine–identified people.

Saundra Gilliard (she/her), is a storyteller, facilitator and personal development coach. Sandi has delivered story–based trainings and seminars to diverse communities on a wide range of issues that impact personal development and social cohesiveness. For more than 30 years she has pursued her personal mission to use storytelling as a tool to change lives.

Quaiser Abdullah (he/him), is a resident scholar with the Institute for Social Policy and is a convening member of their Black Muslim Research Working Group. Quaiser’s research interests center around identity and conflict, leadership and conflict management and religious identity.

Marilupe de la Calle (she/her) learned how to listen well, and fell in love with this practice. She wishes everyone could give each other, –and receive–, the healing gift of being seen that happens in a true encounter, when two humans meet. She is a wife, a mother, a parenting instructor.

Toby Fraser’s (he/him) practice is rooted in survivor support, non–violent direct action based activism, and has been a part of the movement to end gender–based violence since losing a friend in 2008. Toby leads workshops with youth about the roots of violence and social change, training professionals, and supporting survivors to direct action trainings. Toby identifies as a cis–gendered white man.

Stacey Mann (she/her) is an educator and activist who works at the intersection of design, learning, and community engagement. She consults with a broad range of museums and cultural institutions on how best to engage audiences onsite and online, and advocates for social change through inclusive storytelling, civic literacy, and empathy. Stacey is a founding member of The Empathetic Museum.